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Lawsuit funding for car accident

Auto accident lawsuit loans are necessary when you have been involved in a car accident, you have hired an attorney for your claim, and you need money right away. When someone is in a car accident, there is a high chance that they will suffer some kind of injury. Even if the injury is minor, that may leave you unable to work, or you may not be able to work as much as before. Meanwhile, bills are piling up. If you rent, your landlord will start asking when you will pay your rent. If you have children, they will have expenses and they will want you to spend money on them. You have to pay for groceries, gas, electricity, your cell phone, and other everyday expenses.

At this point, you have two options. You can either settle with the insurance company and accept a really low offer, or you can wait for a few months, file a lawsuit, and get a much higher offer. As you may know, insurance companies do not just hand out money. Their goal is not to be fair to you. Their goal is to make the most profit possible so they can show the stockholders that they are making huge profits. Therefore, insurance companies have huge departments that are trained to fight lawsuits. They will do anything they can to get you to release them from liability for as little as possible. If you have been involved in a car accident and it was clear that it was the other party's fault, you have probably already received an offer from that party's insurance adjuster. They probably offered you a ridiculous amount. To make matters worse, they know that you are pressed for money, they know a lawsuit takes a few months, so they know you are unlikely to file a lawsuit. We believe that is not fair, and we are here to help level the playing field. We will let you borrow money from us while your attorney works on your case. If your case is successful and you are awarded some money, then you pay us back. If your case fails and you are not awarded any money, then you do not have to pay us back. This way, you are not pressured to settle early and for really low amounts and the huge corporations will not be able to take advantage of you.

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. Oftentimes, you are confused about your legal rights. You want answers, but everybody around you keeps giving you contradictory answers. You are not sure if you should file a car accident lawsuit. You want your car fixed to its original condition before the car accident. This costs money. You have medical bills to pay. If you went to the emergency room, they will want their money. If you went to a physiotherapist or other medical professional, they will want their money too. If you are injured to the point that you cannot work, then every day you are losing income. This creates an unfortunate situation whereby you are under extreme financial pressure. You need money, but you know that if you file a lawsuit, it will be at least a few months before you see a penny. If the other driver has already accepted liability, then the insurance company will probably offer to pay you about 10% of what your case is actually worth, maybe less. We highly disagree with these unethical practices. We believe if you have been in a car accident, then the responsible parties should pay you the full amount that you deserve. Therefore, we will let you borrow the money that you need to take some of the financial pressure off your shoulders. If and when your lawsuit is decided in your favor, then you can pay us back our money plus interest. If your lawsuit is not decided in your favor (meaning you do not get any money from the defendants), then we forgive the debt and you will not have to pay us back.

Features of our services:

  • There is no credit check. Bad credit is ok.
  • There is no employment verification. You can qualify even if you are unemployed.
  • There is no application fee. You can apply right now for free, and we will tell you whether you qualify.
  • There are no monthly payments. You pay us back when your lawyer gets you money. If your lawsuit is not successful, you walk away without further obligation to us. You will not have to pay us back if your lawsuit is not successful.

How to Apply
If you have been in a car accident and you have a car accident lawsuit with a law firm, then you may want to apply to lawsuit funding for car accidents. If you have been in any other type of traffic accident, like a motorcycle accident or truck accident, you may also want to apply. To get started, please call us toll free or complete the :Quick Application form on this page. We will take care of the rest.

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