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Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan

Lawsuit loans for personal injury cases are intended for those plaintiffs who have been involved in some kind of a personal injury incident and need money immediately. The incident could be any kind of accident where someone was financially or physically hurt. For example, it could be an auto accident where you got injured, or it could be a slip and fall case at the store. In every personal injury case, there will be two sides to the claim: The plaintiff, and the defendant. The plaintiff is the party that is suing, and the defendant is the party that is being sued.

When you file a lawsuit for a personal injury or any accident that happened to you, the defendants are not going to just hand you the money that you deserve. Filing a lawsuit is expensive, and it takes a long time because the opposing party will be fighting against you to disprove your case. Your objective is to prove that you were injured, and that the defendant caused your injuries, and that you suffered a certain dollar amount in damages. The other party's objective is to prove that you are wrong. They will either try to prove that you are not as injured as you are claiming to be, or that they did not cause your injuries. The average personal injury lawsuit takes two years to settle. Many times, cases take much longer, they could even take five years. That means from the time that your claim arises, you are not going to see a penny for at least two years, maybe longer! We believe this causes a great deal of stress to the plaintiff, and we are here to take some of the pressure off.

How our process works:
We let you borrow the money that you need and wait for your case to settle. If your case is successful, you pay us back. If you case is not successful, then you do not have to pay us a penny. You can walk away free, with no obligation to us.

We provide this service to empower plaintiffs who are low on cash and need money immediately. A personal injury case takes a long time from start to finish, and oftentimes a plaintiff is strapped for cash and cannot wait that long. Unfortunately, the insurance companies do not care about you and they are not interested in treating you fairly. All they care about is their bottom line and so they will fight in any way that they can to pay you as little as possible. Since they know that you need money immediately and you cannot wait for a lawsuit, they will offer a really low amount for you to settle right away. This amount is often so low that it does not even begin to address your true damages. The insurance adjusters hope that you will accept the low amount and release them from liability. Once you sign the liability release form, your case is over and you will never be able to sue to claim a higher compensation.

Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or final stages of your lawsuit, you can now take advantage of our pre settlement funding services. We provide you with the money that you need while your attorney works on your case. If you win your lawsuit, then we will collect back whatever we gave you, plus interest. If you do not win your lawsuit, then you will not have to pay us back! At that point your obligation ends and you can walk away and keep all the money that we gave you.

How does it work, and what can you use the money for?
A loan for a pending lawsuit does not work like a regular loan in the sense that you do not necessarily have to pay it back. This is a non-recourse loan. It means we provide a cash advance against your future lawsuit settlement and we get paid only if you do. We can let you borrow money from our lawsuit funding company so that your attorney can take the time to build a great case and sue the insurance company and any other defendants that are to be sued. While your case is pending, you can have our money to do whatever you want with it. You can pay your rent with it, you can buy groceries, pay for your school tuition. You are basically allowed to do whatever you want with that money. Then, after a couple of years or so, when your lawsuit is finalized, we will collect our fees from your settlement amount. If your lawsuit is not successful, then you do not have to pay us back.

How much is the interest rate?
The interest rate depends on a few factors specific to your case. Our risk analysts have to look at those factors to calculate a rate. But we can tell you we try to keep rates low and competitive. Unlike some other companies, we do not charge exorbitant rates. Our pricing is fair and transparent, and you will know how much it will be before you sign with us.

How much does it cost to apply?
The application is free. The review process is free. Nothing is charged upfront. That is why we believe the service is absolutely 100% risk free. You can apply now without paying a penny, you get the money that you need, and you pay us back only if you win your case. If you lose your case, then you keep all the money that you received. You do not have to pay us back if you lose.

Features of our service:
- Zero risk funding. If you do not win, then you do not have to pay us back
- We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call or email us any time.
- Low interest rates.
- No credit checks
- No employment checks
- Zero upfront cost to you
- We do all the work for you

How to Apply:
We understand that you have already been through a lot, so we have made it extremely simple to apply. Simply call us at the toll free number appearing on the top of the page. We will ask you a few simple questions and let you know whether we can help you. Alternatively, you can fill out the Quick Application form on this page and submit it. That's it! If you qualify, we will then work with your lawyer to get all your documents prepared and get you funding. We do all the work for you. Call us today to get started.

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